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Free VPN for iOS - LockVPN
Free VPN for iOS - LockVPN

Free VPN for iOS

LockVPN is a secure service for anonymous access to websites and applications. Absolute data security with maximum speed is guaranteed. And hundreds of our clients can prove that.

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How can LockVPN help

You worry that all of your search engine results are monitored? Don't want to see contextual advertising anymore? LockVPN will make your search requests anonymous. You will forget about annoying advertising once and for all. If you want to save your data anonymous or get an access to any blocked content, choose our application. Connect to VPN from anywhere in the world absolutely for free.

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Maximum speed is our main advantage!

Our powerful servers support rapid data transmission without any limits. You will not even notice that you are connected with a VPN! We guarantee 100% safety and privacy. All your personal data and search requests will be anonymous. Connect with one click and don't orry about a thing!

Total freedom is guaranteed!

Hide yourself in online changing IP-address and location with VPN-connection. Here are three main reasons to install our application right now:

- 5 servers around the world;

- 100% anonymity; 

- different bonuses.

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Check LockVPN Premium account right now!


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Use VPN-connection without any limits. Users with Premium account can choose a country. Use all the benefits of Premium account with a free 3-days trial period and you can feel the difference.


Official LockVPN website apps: http://www.lockvpn.app

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