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What Is Immutable Profit Learm

"Bitcoin's widespread adoption faces challenges related to limited transaction speeds and a lack of privacy. Protocol changes, known as layer-one solutions, have flaws that compromise decentralization and security. Off-chain solutions, or layer-2 solutions, run on top of the main blockchain protocol without changing it.

A good example of such a solution is the Immutable profit network, which solves the problems of speed and confidentiality of Bitcoin transactions. The following article examines the impact of adoption on the Bitcoin ecosystem. For more information, visit immutable-profit.com.

About the Immutable profit network

On the Bitcoin blockchain there is an Immutable profit network - a sidechain that operates independently. Bidirectional binding allows the main chain to communicate with the second layer network. The value of assets on a sidechain reflects the value of the corresponding “native” assets, making it easier to use tokens and coins on an alternative blockchain. Immutable profit is a platform that allows you to create cryptocurrency transactions faster, more securely and in complete confidentiality. It is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, but has methods for increasing the number of transactions and keeping them more individual.

This makes the issuance, transfer and exchange of various electronic assets, as well as tokens, easier and less dangerous. Immutable profit works primarily for institutional investors, crypto exchanges and traders, as well as other risky clients who require an increased degree of secrecy and high transaction speed. Individual investors who are not direct members of Immutable profit cannot use directly.

How does Immutable profit work?

Liquid Network provides the ability to use Bitcoin (BTC) on its blockchain by creating a wrapper option known as L-BTC. Immutable profit users spend Bitcoin to an address in the Bitcoin blockchain as part of the so-called “linking” procedure. Once the transaction receives confirmation 102, Immutable profit produces a similar amount of L-BTC and also delivers it to the client's address. You can use your L-BTC in almost any way."



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